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RiddleMeThis 3.0 b12 Realtime Available

Windows users: if you're creating a kiosk setup, make sure you copy both RiddleMeThis.exe and RiddleMeThis Libs across to your setup directory. If RiddleMeThis.exe and RiddleMeThis Libs aren't in sync (e.g. you have Libs from an older version) you may get very nasty results.

RiddleMeThis 3.0 b10 Realtime Available

This version features significant bug fixes. It has no expiry date, and does not require a new license code. I've decided not to charge for the upgrade to RiddleMeThis 3 and instead only charge for "one-click" web deployment when it becomes available.

The main change between b10 and b9 is that two of our users have been running a study in Korean which has revealed a bug in the Data Export function for extended alphabets. Fortunately, earlier versions of RiddleMeThis 3's online runtime appear to correctly save the data, but the Data Viewer was not exporting it correctly. This should also fix a bug in RMT "kiosk mode" w.r.t. storing UTF8 data.

RiddleMeThis Online Runtime 3.0b4 Available

3.0b4 removes the dependency on PHP 5.2 (json_encode) which should make deploying RiddleMeThis on less well-maintained servers much easier. It also fixes a bug in IE UTF-8 support. RiddleMeThis should now correctly display UTF-8 encoded characters correctly everywhere. (Fingers crossed!)

RiddleMeThis 3.0 b9 Realtime Available

Version 3b9 is available now. It does not expire or require an updated license.

There are just a few more features left to implement (mainly keyboard response support for realtime experiments and one-click web publishing), along with the obvious bug fixes, and we'll be ready for release.

RiddleMeThis 3.0 Realtime

As promised (albeit behind schedule), RiddleMeThis 3 is alive and kicking and bursting with new functionality, including:

There's more to come -- including complete video tutorials covering all major functions -- before RiddleMeThis 3 is released. Let me (tonio AT loewald DOT com) know if you are interested in trying a pre-release beta.

Latest UNSTABLE version of RiddleMeThis (April 17 2012)
Mac OS X (Universal) Download 3nr77 (disk image)
Windows (XP/Vista/7) Download 3nr77 (installer)
Online Runtime Download 3.0b8 (zip archive)
Latest STABLE version of RiddleMeThis (August 11 2011)
Mac OS X (Universal) Download 3.0b14 (disk image)
Windows (XP/Vista/7) Download 3.0b14 (installer)
Download 3.0b14 (zip archive)
Online Runtime Download 3.0b6 (zip archive)
Latest Versions of RiddleMeThis 2.x (July 11th 2008)
Mac OS X (Universal) Download 2.1 (zip archive)
Windows (XP/Vista/7) Download 2.1.1 (installer)
Online Runtime (PHP) Download 1.11 (zip archive)
Free Evaluation: you can download and use RiddleMeThis for evaluation purposes for as long as you like. Some features will be disabled until you register.

RiddleMeThis Online Runtime 1.11

This mainly fixes cosmetic issues and feedback on errors encountered when first setting up an online form (it should be much clearer now what's gone wrong).

RiddleMeThis 2.1

This is a substantially improved version of RiddleMeThis 2.x with bugs and cosmetic glitches fixed, MDI gone, Vista issues resolved (I hopte) and a proper Windows installer (at last).

RiddleMeThis Online Runtime 1.10b

This is solid new version of the online runtime. I recommend it to all users.

RiddleMeThis Online Runtime 1.0.9d

This is a beta version of the online runtime. It features many enhancements, including:

RiddleMeThis 2.1b1

Experimental release that supports section background pictures. The questionnaire window has also been tweaked to look better.

RiddleMeThis Online Runtime 1.0.8

I recommend this release for all RiddleMeThis users. Several bug fixes including:

RiddleMeThis 2.0

RiddleMeThis 2.0 is available for download.

RiddleMeThis 2.0b13

Various bug fixes including a problem with font settings which affects some online forms. This version includes new version of online runtime (27) with support for section times and various minor bug fixes.

RiddleMeThis 2.0b2

RiddleMeThis 2.0b2 is now Universal (so it runs native on Intel Macs). It also allows you to quit (command-q on Macs, ctrl-q) from kiosk mode.

RiddleMeThis 2.0b1

RiddleMeThis 2.0b1 has a streamlined interface and a few other improvements. Go to the downloads page to start using it now.

Runtime 1.0.6

Also on the downloads page is an updated runtime (internal version 1.0.6; file version 23).

There's also a new experimental test page which lets you upload your form.rmt files to our server and check that they're working properly.

RiddleMeThis 1.5

We're in the process of adding a slew of new features to RiddleMeThis. (And no, we're not charging for upgrades.) Among RiddleMeThis 1.5's new features:

RiddleMeThis 1.5 will be available in September 2004. If you'd like to be a beta tester, send email to [email protected] and include "RiddleMeThis Beta" in your subject line.

RiddleMeThis 1.2

Undo and redo are now fully implemented, even across saved sessions.

RiddleMeThis 1.1.1

More bugs fixed (including some inadvertantly introduced in 1.0) and some improvements to the user interface to make managing large complex forms easier. We've also introduced the "Check All That Apply" item in the application; support for it in the online runtime soon.

RiddleMeThis 1.0

We've squelched a few more annoying bugs and we think RiddleMeThis is stable enough to be called 1.0 now. We hope you'll agree.


We've updated the RiddleMeThis online runtime to correct some minor bugs and work around a problem with Internet Explorer and redirection.

RiddleMeThis 1.0fc3

RiddleMeThis now allows you to customize your online forms more easily (and turn debugging features on and off).

Online forms can redirect users to a URL of your choice (if you so choose). See the Read Me file for more details.

We've also fixed bugs in the online runtime (conditional sections should now work properly) and in RiddleMeThis itself (using non-ASCII characters should work better now).

This version includes an updated version of the online runtime. Make sure you upload it if you're using conditional sections in your online forms!

RiddleMeThis 1.0fc1

We've fixed some bugs, cleaned up the user interface (if you look under conditional sections, under 1.0B8 you'll see we labelled the columns incorrectly -- oops!), and updated the online runtime to support all the new features. We hope we're done! (Well, until those feature requests start rolling in.)

We've also updated the documentation extensively to reflect changes in recent versions (e.g. our Quick Start Tutorial is now up to date and we've got a quick tutorial explaining how to create random variables and conditional sections)

Note: we've included the php runtime with the various distributions. If you still want to be able to download it separately, let us know.

RiddleMeThis 1.0B8

Automatic Randomization of Variables

RiddleMeThis now supports automatic randomization of variables (via Questionnaire | Preferences).

In this example we've added a variable called "Stimulus" which has an equal probability of being set to "Naughty" or "Nice".

Conditional Sections

Of course this is only slightly useful unless we have conditional sections, which we've also added.

Here we've set Section 1 to be skipped if "Stimulus" is "Naughty". As you can see, this is only the tip of the iceberg, since you can build up compound conditions.

Improved Column Renaming

Of course, if you're creating multiple versions of the same section to use in different branches of your questionnaire, you want to make sure your column names aren't messed up.

To this end we've added automatic column name checking...

Select Questionnaire | Check Column Names if you want to correct all duplicate column names in your questionnaire. (Note: you'll be given a chance to confirm each change via the following dialog, so don't panic!)

We used to automatically rename all duplicate columns whenever you duplicated or pasted an item or section into a questionnaire. We don't any longer. Instead you get a dialog like this every time a duplicate column name is spotted.

Oh, and in case you're worried that "No to All" and "Yes to All" work as badly as similar buttons you may have seen in Windows, rest assured they work properly (which means you should be careful when clicking them!)

Coming Soon...

Randomized variables and conditional sections will be added to the online php runtime next week.

RiddleMeThis 1.0B7

Quick fix of two crashing bugs:

RiddleMeThis 1.0B6

RiddleMeThis has been recompiled using a new compiler which eliminates several annoying bugs in the 1.0B5 release (especially under the Windows version).

There are also some minor bug fixes.

RiddleMeThis Online 1.0B8 also available. The PHP script has been changed so that most user-interface text (e.g. the text in the "Continue" button, or the instructions displayed at the top of each page of the form) is defined in constants at the top of the script. This allows anyone to open up the script and change things easily without requiring in-depth knowledge of PHP.

Download RiddleMeThis or RiddleMeThis Online now

RiddleMeThis Online

You can now deploy RiddleMeThis forms online using the RiddleMeThis online package (this is a free download, and you can view and modify the source code yourself).

RiddleMeThis 1.0B5

This was the first downloadable beta allowing registration.