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The Preferences Dialog

Select Questionnaire | Preferences to set the preferences for your form as a whole. The two tabs give deal with the User Interface settings for your questionnaire and Randomization of variables.

User Interface

Show Section Name. By default, the name of each section is displayed. You may wish to suppress it (for example if it contains information you don't want the user to see like "manipulation A").

Show Progress. By default the user's progress through the questionnaire is displayed. You can turn this off.

Show Range Values. By default continuous ("range-response") questions display the numbers associated with each choice. You may wish to suppress these and just show the buttons.

Back Button Enabled. By default, the user is not allowed to go back and change answers to questions. You can enable the back button if you wish. If you're using conditional sections, we strongly recommend you leave this option OFF.

Forward Button enabled only after questions completed. The user is allowed to proceed only if all the questions in the current section have been answered. (Note that for text responses this means they need to have typed something -- anything -- into the text field. You may need to write on screen instructions to cope with this... or complain and we'll change RiddleMeThis to behave differently!)


The randomization tab controls the settings of randomized variables when the questionnaire is loaded. Click here for more information on randomizing variables.