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Conditional Sections

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This section is conditional. It will be included if the variable "Word" is "greater than or equal to" "delta". "Greater than or equal to" in this case, means the same as or after in alphabetical order. So "De" is "less than" "Delta", but "Deltas" is "greater than" "Delta". For numbers, ">=" works just like you'd expect.

By double clicking on a Section you can make it conditional.

The conditions under which a section appears are meant to read like a sentence:

Include (Skip) this section unless One (All) of the conditions below are met...

By changing Include to Skip you change the default behavior of the section. (If you just change Include to Skip and don't do anything else, the section will never appear.)

By default, only One of the conditions you specify has to be met. The other option is requiring All of the conditions to be met.

Note: if there are no conditions, All of the conditions will always be met, and One of the conditions will never be met.

You can add conditions by clicking the Add button. Each condition compares a variable to a value. A variable can be the name of a random variable or the column name of a question. (Remember, if the user hasn't answered the question yet, the variable will be empty.)

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Random Variables

Simple Example

Suppose you want to randomly assign subjects completing your questionnaire into two groups A and B, and show one stimulus to members of group A, and a different stimulus to members of group B.

  1. Create a new questionnaire.
  2. Select Questionnaire | Preferences
  3. Click the Randomization tab
  4. Click Add under Random Variables
  5. Change the name of the new variable to Group
  6. Click Add under Possible Values for Group twice
  7. Change the two values to A and B
  8. Click Save.
  9. Create two new sections
  10. Double-click the first section to edit the section's settings
  11. Rename this section Stimulus A
  12. Change Include to Skip
  13. Click Add to add a new condition
  14. Edit the condition so that it reads Group = A
  15. Click Save.
  16. Rename the second section Stimulus B
  17. And set it to Skip
  18. And add the condition Group = B
  19. You may want to put some items into Stimulus A and Stimulus B
  20. Test your questionnaire to see it work!


You might also like to add a section before Stimulus A and Stimulus B with a Text Response with the column name of Group so you can see what Group has been set to and change it for testing purposes.