Quick Start Tutorial

Build a really simple questionnaire...

(Edited: July 10th 2003 for 1.0fc1)

  1. Launch RiddleMeThis.
  2. Click New Form.
  3. Double-click on Section 1.
  4. Change the name of Section 1 to "Simple Example" (or anything you like). Note that the person filling in the questionnaire does not see the title of the section, it's really just for your convenience.
  5. Observe that at the bottom of the Questionniare window there's an "Add..." button next to a popup menu selector (which let's you choose what you want to add).
  6. Select Text from the popup (if it isn't already selected), and then click Add... Then type in "Please answer the following questions..." and click OK.
  7. Let's add a couple of questions. Select Multiple-Choice Question from the popup, and click Add...
  8. Set the Column Title to Q1.
  9. Set the Question to "What beats rock?"
  10. Click Add four times to add response options. Edit the options so that they are: "Rock", "Scissors", "Paper", and "None of the Above".
  11. Edit the values for the responses so that they are 0 for everything except "Paper" (the correct response, assuming we care).
  12. Click OK.
  13. Now select the question you just created.
  14. Select Edit | Duplicate to create a copy of it (and click No when asked if you want to change its column name).
  15. Double-click the duplicate question to edit it.
  16. Set the Column Title to Q2.
  17. Set the Question to "What beats scissors?"
  18. Edit the values for the options so that Paper is 0 and Rock is 1.
  19. Click OK.
  20. Now select the Questionniare | Test All menu command!
  21. Run through your questionnaire a few times using the Test All menu command (command-R if you're in a hurry). And then select the Questionnaire | View Data | Test Data menu command to view your results.
  22. Select File | Save Questionnaire As... to save your questionnaire. Note that a questionnaire is saved as a directory, and not just a single file.

That's it, you now know how to use RiddleMeThis to create an interactive questionnaire!

Running the Questionnaire for Real

To collect actual data you need to run your questionnaire. To do this, you simply select File | Run Questionnaire (and select the questionnaire you wish to run), or click the Run Form... button in the RiddleMeThis launcher window.

Creating a Standalone Questionnaire

To create a stand-alone (self-running) questionnaire, simply copy the RiddleMeThis application* into the Questionnaire's folder.

* RiddleMeThis.exe under Windows, RiddleMeThis under Mac OS X, RiddleMeThis (Classic) under older versions of Mac OS.

When you double-click on the copy of RiddleMeThis it will automatically run the questionnaire. You can rename RiddleMeThis or create a shortcut or alias to it to make it easier to launch.

Note: you do not need to register RiddleMeThis on a workstation to use it this way.