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RiddleMeThis vs. the Gizmos and Monkeys

Is RiddleMeThis the best solution for you? Lately, there have been a lot of new tools for conducting online questionnaires (the best known of which is free), so why use RiddleMeThis?

First and perhaps foremost, RiddleMeThis is going to be around a long time: we use it ourselves. Indeed, many, if not most, of our bug fixes and new features have been in response to people we work with directly.

On the other hand, we're not going to add "cute" features simply to add checklist items on a marketing factsheet, e.g. we don't offer "20 types of question" because this product has been designed by scientists for scientists and questions that don't correspond to useful measures have no place in our software.

Bottom line: RiddleMeThis is the only solidly cross-platform solution that works on the desktop, and it's easier to use than any of the other products (although not to deploy online -- but we're working on that). Aside from Survey Monkey, it's probably the cheapest option too.

Feature RiddleMeThis Matlab Survey Monkey Survey Gizmo Quantics
Price $179 Academic, $249 Commercial No idea, they won't tell you the price up front Free $19-599/Month No idea, they won't tell you the price up front
Edit forms on desktop Yes (Mac, Windows) Yes (Windows) No No No
Edit forms online No No Yes Yes Yes
Huge variety of question types No If you write the code, sure No Yes Yes
Conditional Logic without writing code Yes No No Yes Yes
Live Reporting No No Yes Yes Yes
Deploy surveys on desktop Yes (Mac, Windows) Yes (Windows) No No No
Deploy surveys online Yes Partial Yes Yes Yes
Timed Interactions Yes (accurate to 20ms*) Windows ActiveX only (accurate to 1ms) No No No

Note: * having discussed this issue with several interested parties, it's clear that better accuracy is very important to many potential users, but being able to run cross-platform is a key differentiator for RiddleMeThis. I have a plan to offer millisecond-accurate timings both on the desktop and in browsers on both Mac and Windows computers, and possibly on iOS and Android devices as well. This will be after the initial release of RiddleMeThis 3.0.