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Unfortunately,, which I have used for decades for handling software registration has gone under, owing to vendor fraud. A very sad day. For the time being, I will handle licensing directly via Paypal.

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RiddleMeThis 3.0 is now available for download.

New features include data-driven questionnaires with randomization, timed events, and timed interactions (Windows, Mac OS X, and online). Find out more.

RiddleMeThis 3 is a free upgrade for existing users.

What is RiddleMeThis?

RiddleMeThis is a program for creating and maintaining questionnaires, administering questionnaires electronically (either on a computer or online via the web), and collecting and exporting the data for analysis using any suitable software package such as SPSS or Excel.

RiddleMeThis's features include:

RiddleMeThis questionnaires can be hosted, via the RiddleMeThis Online Runtime (free with RiddleMeThis) on computer workstations (Windows or Macintosh) or on any webserver that supports PHP 4.x or later (i.e. most web servers).

All of RiddleMeThis's features are supported through a straightforward graphical user interface. No scripting languages are required.

RiddleMeThis Forum

I've just set up a forum for users of RiddleMeThis. It's very empty right now... This forum will replace the (very occasional) newsletter, and -- I hope -- help make me more responsive to your feedback.

Latest UNSTABLE version of RiddleMeThis (April 17 2012)
Mac OS X (Universal) Download 3nr77 (disk image)
Windows (XP/Vista/7) Download 3nr77 (installer)
Online Runtime Download 3.0b8 (zip archive)
Latest STABLE version of RiddleMeThis (August 11 2011)
Mac OS X (Universal) Download 3.0b14 (disk image)
Windows (XP/Vista/7) Download 3.0b14 (installer)
Download 3.0b14 (zip archive)
Online Runtime Download 3.0b6 (zip archive)
Latest Versions of RiddleMeThis 2.x (July 11th 2008)
Mac OS X (Universal) Download 2.1 (zip archive)
Windows (XP/Vista/7) Download 2.1.1 (installer)
Online Runtime (PHP) Download 1.11 (zip archive)
Free Evaluation: you can download and use RiddleMeThis for evaluation purposes for as long as you like. Some features will be disabled until you register.

Where is RiddleMeThis being used?

Arizona State University, Flinders University, Harvard University, McDaniel University, Michigan State University, Northern Illinois University, Oklahoma State, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, University of Alabama, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and University of Houston.